Instrument testing in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska.

Instrument testing in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska.

I am a Senior Physical Oceanographer at Sea-Bird Scientific in Seattle, Washington whose goal is to make your oceanographic data better through analysis and experimentation. As an academic, my research aims to understand the pathways of energy from large to small scales, with a focus on internal waves: where they form, where they go, where they break and what happens when they do. I am exploring these processes using a variety of observational platforms, from in situ moorings to shore-based HF Radar arrays. 

In conjunction with my research program, I am an active online science communicator, blogging at Deep Sea News and tweeting as @rejectedbanana, combining humor and popular culture with cold, hard science to cultivate a broader appreciation of science and its benefits. 

Updates on recent fieldwork, science and even some code can be found at TiniBlog.

Contact Information:

Sea-Bird Scientific
13431 NE 20th St.
Bellevue, WA 98005

phone: +1 425.643.9866 x5764 email:
twitter: @rejectedbanana

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